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Left Arm & Hand

These articles offer exercises and insights to enhance violin technique, focusing on finger independence, patterns, left hand alignment, and balancing techniques. They provide valuable guidance for control, coordination, and flexibility, with a strong emphasis on consistent finger patterns and proper left hand alignment for improved comfort and sound quality. 

These articles provide descriptions and exercises for releasing tissues inside the hand, including base knuckles. The ability to stretch without strain is fundamental for anyone who wishes to play in tune more easily and consistently, and will be particularly helpful for small hands.

Exercises and techniques for developing expressive vibrato in violin playing, focusing on hand and arm movement, continuous pulsing vibrato, and practicing vibrato between notes. It emphasizes the importance of releasing tension and using circular movements in the thumb and forearm for achieving versatile vibrato.

These articles provide guidance on shifting and left hand balance in high positions on the violin. They emphasize the importance of body foundation, support, release, circularity and the role of the thumb, finger, wrist, forearm rotation, and neck in achieving accurate shifts and maintaining alignment and balance in high positions. Also included are exercises for improving these skills.

These exercises are very useful for further developing finger independence and clarity of action.

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